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We are now accepting payment of dues through PayPal

For those members who would like to pay their annual dues online, we are now offering that as an option.  Please note the following caveats:

  • PayPal charges a fee of 67 cents for each transaction.  This fee will be passed on to you as a "convenience" fee.  Thus, the total amount you will be charged for a one-year renewal is $12.67.  $12 goes to the Air Forces Flyers Club and $0.67 goes to PayPal.
  • At the present time, this option is only available for renewals.  You cannot pay your initial dues ($15.00) using PayPal.  That must be accomplished by mailing a check or money order.
  • PayPal treats the transaction as a "subscription".  This has the following ramification:
    • PayPal subscriptions are setup by default with automatic renewal.  This means that you will be charged $12.67 every year until you cancel the renewal.  Unfortunately we have no way at present to modify this default behavior.  You can, however, use the link on your receipt to manage your subscription and turn-off automatic renewal.  It is just an extra step that you would have to take.

You are, of course, still able to pay your dues by sending the Finance Officer a check.  The PayPal service is offered only as a convenience to those that wish to use it. If all this sounds good to you and you would like to use this service, click the "Subscribe" link below and follow the prompts/instructions.

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