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Club Dues

In order to maintain the Air Forces Flyers Club as a viable organization, every member, except those who have reached the age of ninety, are required to remit club dues.  The money collected is used to cover club expenses, such as the cost to produce and mail membership certificates and patches, and the costs associated with the production and hosting of the club's website.

The club's financial officer periodically sends out rosters listing the currently active members.  This roster contains a column showing when each membership expires.  Each member is responsible for keeping track of when his or her dues are, well, due.  

To remit dues to the club, contact the financial officer.  He will contact you privately with the address to send the check to.

Please note that you can pay your dues as far out as you like.  

7 June 2021 Update: We now accept payment of dues via PayPal.  Some restrictions apply.  For details please check out our PayPal page.

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