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"The LeMay Foundation helps widows and widowers of all Air Force Retirees, both officers and enlisted, through financial grants of assistance. These spouses spend much of their lives coping with the difficulties of military life, and supporting their spouses through years of active duty. We provide assistance for as long as it is required. We have several spouses who have been receiving monthly checks for over fifteen years. We also help them with a specific need they may be facing, in a single disbursement. We do not offer loans. All funds given are considered grants."​​​  (Reprinted from

General Le May was one of the original members of the AFFC and a personal friend of Boyd VanHorn, our current commander.  We are proud to post a link to the Le May Foundation website, and encourage everyone to visit the site to learn more about this wonderful organization.  Please click on one of the links or on the banner above to be taken to the Le May Foundation website.

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